A dewatering bucket chain conveyer

A dewatering bucket chain conveyer is applied to dewater grain materials chiefly at coal mechanical refining plants for transport and dewatering of products from fine coal or grain jigs. They are devices for transport of bulk material I from one level to another, higher one, in relevant buckets f1xed to a chain.

The principal subassemblies of the conveyer are:

  • drive station (with a tension device);

  • reversing station (with a base);

  • open and closed sections, a set of buckets with chain sections.

Dewatering bucket chain conveyers made by MlFAMA OPA CARBO are destined for work in hard, abrasive environment conditions. Chains and elements co-working with them are made from special, steel highly resistant to abrasion. The reversing station body structure enables installation ofaz the conveyer in the angle to the level ranging from 55 to 75 degrees.

Dewatering bucket chain conveyers are produced in two typical bucket widths: B-800 mm and B-1OOO mm with capacities depending on transported material. We select the length of the conveyer (height of elevation) according to location of its installation. The bucket conveyer is manufactured in left or right make depending on the sicie of drive mounting.

A dewatering bucket chain conveyer