Belt Conveyers

Belt conveyers made by the MlFAMA OPA CARBO are destined for transport of bulk products and small grain goods and for people riding in underground mining workings as well as on the surface at processing plants, stock yards, quarrying and other industrial branches. The conveyers offered by the MlFAMA OPA CARBO feature safe, simple, and compact construction and high level of durability and reliability. Many years of experience and technical capacity of the company enable delivery of a conveyed tailored to precisely defined requirements of a customer. The conveyer in the MlFAMA Co. offer have wide range of applications in transporting of excavated material! in underground working with inclination ranging -14 -:- +16°. These conveyers can also be applied for transport of people after equipping them with devices foreseen by regulations of the law. The MlFAMA belt conveyers comply with the requirements of the ATEX directive.

Basic parameters of the conveyers made by the MlFAMA OPA CARBO

  • belt width B: 1OOO - l600mm

  • number of drive units: 1- 4

  • total power of drive units: to 2 MW

  • belt velocity: 0.2 - 6.0 m/ s

Belt Conveyers