Belt conveyers type Z

Belt conveyer for inclined transport is destined for process transport of loose and wet materials. The characteristic feature of the conveyer is a belt equipped with side aprons and crosswise bars of different shapes and size depending on material to be transported and the angle of conveyer inclination.

The conveyer is applied in different industrial branches and especially where enlarged inclination of operation angle is required.

The conveyers with belts for inclined transport are produced in three types of conf1guration of the conveyor route:

  • in "Z" layout,

  • in "L" layout,

  • in straight line layout.


  • transport of material! with large inclination angle up to 90 degrees,

  • smaller belt movement drag using side aprons inzstead of sides,

  • lower demand for energy and higher durability in comparison with alternative bucket conveyers,

  • transport of materia! with large level difference on small area (no transfer stations), in different directions (horizontally, vertically, in inclination).

    Belt conveyers type Z