Bucket conveyers

Bucket conveyers (elevators) are destined for vertical transport of bulk materials, powders and small and medium grain size ones. They are not suitable for transport of material Is with high humidity content, sticky, dusty or hard pouring.

In belt bucket elevators transport elements (buckets) are flxed to the transport belt, they are rewound by the drive drum in the upper part of housing (head), on the tension shaft located in the housing base. All the movable elements of the conveyer are covered by a tight housing. Feeding of transported material is effected by scooping with buckets from the lower part of the housing or by pouring into the buckets from the charging hole, while discharging is effected in the upper part of the housing though a relevant outlet hole due to reacting of gravity and centrifugal force.

In vertical bucket elevators produced by MlFAMA OPA CARBO we use modern belts featuring large tensile strength, welded or deep drawn buckets made from abrasion resistant or stainless steel:


  • elevation of material I to substantial height (50 m and mare) at minimal useful floor area occupied,

  • possibility of transporting dusty materials without pollution of the environment (thanks to application of tight casing),

  • lower demand for energy and higher durability in comparison with alternative chain bucket elevators.

Bucket conveyers