Company history

43-190 Mikołów, ul. Żwirki i Wigury 4
tel.: +48 32 738 60 53, fax: +48 32 738 60 98

Traditions of our company are reaching 1872. For years we are a known and valued producer of machines and devices used in the coal mining stone, the rock mining, the building and many different branches of industry. The company executes also steel structures and provides locksmith, welding, machining and other services.

After connection with the Opa-Carbo, the company MIFAMA OPA CARBO deals also with services among other thins within the scope of measurements and tests of power equipment and within the scope of operation, that is comprehensive servicing, maintenance, repairs and overhauls of the power equipment.

Employees of the company holds the qualifications required by the Mining, Power and Construction Law.

Company, as the only one, provides outsourcing within the power industry, as one of the most effective management strategy for modern company, allowing concentration on the primary subject of business activity with simultaneous assurance of failure-free operation of the power system serviced by the external company.

Since May 1999 MIFAMA has introduced quality management system PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 within the scope of designing, manufacture, service of machines and devices intended for mechanical processing of minerals and continuous transport and for carrying out and assembly of steel structure. To meet the requirements of the Customers and in connection with change of the regulations forcing the manufacture to mark the metal structural components intended for use in steel structures introduced to the European Union marked with the CE mark, we have introduced certification of Plant’s Production Control within the scope of conformity with the PN-EN 1090 and EN-3834 standards.

Obtained certificate allows marking of manufactured structures with the CE mark as a proof of conformity with the Construction Products Directive (CPD) and therefore we can introduce our components of the structures to the markets of the European Union.