EXAMINATION AND GAUGING DEPARTMENT - The MIFAMA OPA CARBO Sp. z o.o. examination department is equipped with a hi-tech gauge and diagnostics equipment which guarantees fulfillment of services commissioned at the highest technical level.


Bath the technical knowledge and the regulations being in force oblige owners or managers to carry out periodical inspections of devices, electric installations, and the electro-insulating equipment. The carrying out of frequent and regular inspections of electric devices allows for an earlier and potentia I detection of faults, as well as allows to assess the pace at which electronic devices wear off. An earlier detection of faults and sorting out of them enables to prevent the occurrence of an unexpected failure which could be hazardous to ones health of life, and also results in both unexpected and high expenses related to sorting out of it. The ongoing development of the electronic branch rises higher and higher expectations people have of electric devices. The aspects of reliability, extension of the failure-free operability time, as well as the economic aspects related to making investments and utilization hype the development the of electric devices diagnostics. An earlier diagnosis of devices makes the foundation for the fault-free operation, which is why all the inspection and gauge procedures ought to be carried out with due diligence. The diagnosis of electric devices and installations is carried out based on the knowledge of the risks tied to utilization and the impact of those on the molecular structure of the insulating materials. The investigation of the phenomena occurring in the insulating systems of electric devices is intended for the determination of figures exhibiting a dependence to the degree of the wear-off of the insulating system, which allows for the early detection of those phenomena. Such investigations make the fundamental goals of the operations carried out in the field of insulating systems diagnostics. The research of partia I electric discharges or determination of the tangent delta factor are just the two of a few methods of a thorough analysis of the technical state of electric devices which should be cardinal part of the verification inspections carried out by every reputable enterprise. An equally important aspect of the occupational safety is the diligence about the due state of the electric-insulating (protective) equipment. The electric-insulating equipment is an essential when working with electric devices, and the verification inspection of it gives the user the essential information about whether or not the device he or she uses still guarantees a high level of security while performing operations entailing a risk of suffering an electric shock. Following the saying that prevention is better than cure, the verification inspection of the protective equipment is indicative of the health and life safety.

And what if you are the one carrying out those inspections on thebasis of which the technical state in question is assessed?

The inspector carrying out the inspections of new devices or electric installations, or of the technical state of the devices already in use for that matter, uses various gauging instruments on which he or she conditions the validity of the results received. One has to bear in mind that it is on the basis of the results given by such gauging instrument that the person making the assessment and issuing the certificate concerning the technical state of a particular device is held liable in respect of the safe utilization of such a device.

Thus, the technical knowledge and the inspectors awareness incline one to subject those inspection and gauging instruments to periodical check-ups at specialized examination units which have the proper prototypes of examination, thanks to which the person commissioning the inspection of devices can assure in full confidence that the installations or devices he or she is inspecting meet the technical requirements concerning safe utilization. Our gauging department provides inspection services all over the country, whereas examinations and gauging procedures of protective devices are performed stationarily, at aur headquarters. However, should you be interested in carrying out of those examinations at aur headquarters, but the distance from aur headquarters makes it impossible for you to deliver the device for examination in person, you can send it to us by courier, and become part of aur satisfied customers.

We have two technical vehicles for carrying out of diagnostics and localization of damage to cabie lines, with a high-class gauging instrumentation on board, and an additional set making a portable instrumentation. Our vehicles are equipped with power generators enabling carrying out of gaging operations at locations with no stable access to direct current and power.

The vehicle technical support is available 24/7, per Customers request. We guarantee fast and timely fulfillment of orders made by our Customers, according to the previous arrangements made with aur Customers.