Impact crushers

Impact crushers of MlFAMA OPA CARBO were designed as devices used for crushing of rock raw material (solid, clastic rocks) and waste materials (debris, slag, brick, glass, ceramics) produced in the result of demolition works or selective waste collection destined for recycling.

The operation principle of the machines is based on using kinetic energy of a rotor revolved by an electric motor. lmpact bars of the crusher strike fed materia I causing its crushing and additionally the kinetic energy transferred to materia! grains in the impact phase results in the secondary crushing on the rebound plates installed on the machine body wali.

Simple construction and operation of crushers guarantees operation reliability. The hydraulically opened body (Kl 50R, K70R) and mechanically opened side doors (K30R) allow for conducting of inspections and effective exchange of elements subject to natura! wear without disassembly of feeding hopper and power units.

The crushers are foreseen to be installed in a processes line as well as to operate separately (installed on a supporting structure). In case of installation in a process line feeding and receiving of material is effected most frequently by belt conveyers. Grain size of crushed materia I depends on settings of the crusher i.e. rotor revolution speed and gap dimensions and also on physiochemical properties of crushed material.