Jaw crushers

Jaw crushers MIFAMA OPA CARBO has been designed as equipment intended for crushing of output lumps with dimensions not exceeding dimension of inlet of the crushers throat that is 600x lOOOmm. Crusher is intended for breaking up of mineraIs (solid rocks, plastic rocks), lumps of hard coal formed during driving of headings in the underground excavations of the mining enterprises and waste material Is (slag, brick, glass,ceramies,debris) obtained as a result of demolition works of selective collection of components intended for re-use.

Principle of operation is based on transmission of torque from electric motor through the belt transmission to eccentric shaft of the crusher. During rotation eccentric shaft transfers swinging motion to mobilejaw located on pendulum executing cyclic forward and backward movement. Power supplied by motor is accumulated in form of kinetic energy by the pulley flywheels. Crushing is made during forward movement of pendulum while during backward movement of the pendulum the crushed material is ejected through the opened slot. Minimum range of aggregate is adjusted in crushing chamber by setting width of the outlet slot.

8imple design and operation of the crusher warrants reliability. Crusher operates smoothly, there is no accelerations and high variances of power consumption (despite cyclic character of operation of the crusher). When too hard parts get into crushing chambers that is for example metal mining heads, to protect main components of the crushers mechanism, its protective plate will destroyed and its replacement will not cause serious problems thanks to easy access.

Jaw crushers

Jaw crushers Kl 508 are ready for installation in the process line and for autonomous operation. In case of installation in the process line feeding and receiving of material is implemented usually using belt conveyors .