Operation of power equipment

Power equipment operation department - TE - offers outsourcing of the electrical, power and equipment and data transmission systems as well as mechanical machines and equipment. This is currently one of the most effective strategies for management of modern production or processing company.

Currently we are providing services within the scope of outsourcing for economic operators operating in the following industries:

  • mining,

  • power,

  • construction,

  • transport using railway and road infrastructure, and for local government, municipal and public utility units.

Possible forms of cooperation:

  • Out that is complex taking over by our company of full scope of the responsibilities resulting from the obligatory regulations within the scope of operation of the power equipment and systems.

  • Partial outsourcing that is entrusting operation of power and mechanical equipment and systems to engineering-technical staff of our company with participation of own employees of the owner and or under his supervision.Execution of occasional services based on commissioning of emergency works executed by specialist personnel from our company within the scope of 2417 standby service.