Power ano mechanical investments


  • of HV/MV/LV power and mechanical systems and equipment,

  • power systems (including all lnstrumentation and Control Systems),

  • IT systems for industry, control systems, automation and visualisation systems for technological processes,

  • network connections, engineering connections, remote control engineering, LAN networks,

  • metering and billing systems for all power carriers,

  • external and interna! lighting systems (that is industrial halls, storages, special rooms and zones where the explosion hazard is present, external areas, communication routes, high-rise facilities etc.)

  • guaranteed supplies for power facilities and public utility or municipal facilities requiring electrical power supply continuity (that is disaster recovery centres, hospitals, phone exchanges, public communication stations and facilities etc.)

  • technical protection systems.

Assembly, upgrade, repairs:

  • of HV/MV/LV power and mechanical systems and networks,

  • power systems (mechanical-heat and electrical), automatic adjustment systems, control systems for drives and the other executory components, heat billing systems,

  • IT systems for industry, control systems, automation,

  • metering and billing systems for all power carriers,

  • guaranteed supply systems, accumulator batteries for power facilities and public utility facilities or municipal facilities requiring continuity of supply with electric energy,

  • lighting systems for primary, emergency, escape lighting and decorative and advertising lighting,

  • automation systems for power equipment, control systems and automatic control systems,

  • special power systems e.g. in the explosion-proof execution with increased IP protection),

  • temporary supply with electrical power of construction facilities (mobile switching stations, mobile distribution boxes, etc.) and supplies implemented using power generators,

  • technical protection systems for public utility facilities,

  • 24/7 intervention removal of effects of power system faults occurred as a result of faults of power equipment and systems, naturai disasters etc.


  • preparation of the cost estimates,

  • consultancy, advisory, preparation of conceptual solutions, selection of instrumentation and technical expertise within the scope of LV/MV/HV power systems and equipment,

  • analysis of the power systems, calculations of va lues of power protections,

We ensure full warranty and after warranty service within this scope. We cooperate with renowned manufacturers of the LV/MV/HV power equipment and systems. Dur biggest advantage is professional and timeliness of execution of the services, certifled by many references, experienced staff with all necessary authorizations for works in operating power facilities, own assembly-repair workshop and proper processing area.