Scrapper belt conveyor

The redler type scrapper belt conveyors manufactured by Mifama Opa Carbo and placed in an enclosed casing are dedicated to the horizontal or oblique conveyance of powdered grain and fine-grained products, including crop seeds, pellets and biomass chippings, pasturages, chips, granulates, artificial fertilizers etc.

Scrapper belt conveyors are used in the energy, chemical, food, and construction industry. Scrapper belt conveyors can be mounted both in closed indoors, as well as outdoors. The scrapper belt conveyors manufactured by Mifama Opa Corp have a lustering construction, made of individual segments. Every conveyor has its initial segment (initial station - powering station), end segment (end station - turn station), and repetitive segment.

Our scrapper belt conveyors are supplemented by a wide range of compatible devices:

  • charging and dumping hoppers,

  • bolts,

  • cleansing devices.

Scrapper belt conveyor