Vibrating screens WK

Single and double WK type vibration screens are destined for classification of aggregate and other materials with medium and fine grain size (WKl in the largest one). The feeder chute on a springy support or suspension makes free vibrating movements with circular trajectory caused by an inertial drive. The drive comprises a shaft with unbalanced masses, with bearings in screen wal Is, joined via a flexible coupling with an electric motor.

The screens may be provided with screen levels:

  • tin,

  • foldable,

  • harp,

  • polyurethane,

  • rubber.

Vibrations and inclination of the levels cause strong jumping, screening and transport. The screens may be made in a supported or suspended version. Depending on requirements of the ordering party the screen construction may be connected with strengthened bolts or the HUCK-BOLT type joints. There is a possibility of constructing the screen according to special technical requirements of a customer.

Vibrating screens WK